The show portrays the impact of an extra marital affair between a young, happily married man who is in a very modern relationship with his wife, yet falls in love with his wife’s erstwhile best friend whom they had given solace to while she was going through a bad marriage. A gynaecologist – Mauli, who is happily married to a paediatrician – Kunal, is well settled and while she is caught up in the cobwebs of life, she encounters her childhood best friend Nandini who is victim to an abusive marriage and when she is abandoned by her husband, Mauli shelters her. Kunal is drawn towards Nandini’s vulnerability, beauty and her stereotypical femininity, while for Nandini he is everything she wanted in a husband. Life takes a turn as the simple admiration turns into fatal attraction and they have an affair ignoring their moral dilemmas. When Mauli finds out about the affair she is shattered and realizes that she has been betrayed not only by her husband but also by her best friend. Kunal and Nandini’s relationship is short lived as Kunal is guilt ridden and decides to take a back step. While Kunal desperately wants to get back into Mauli’s life, making a way into her life this time won’t be easy for him with the baggage of an affair with her best friend hanging heavy in their relationship.

In Hindi | Dubbed in English



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