After being subjected to ongoing violence by her husband, Deniz is arrested on charges for his murder. She is sent to prison where she finds herself caught between a bitter rivalry between Azra and Alp – the leaders of two notorious gangs. Despite wanting to avoid trouble so she can return home to her daughter, Deniz is unavoidably drawn into the warring gangs, as each leader desperately fight to gain her support. And when Deniz is found near the body of a murdered prison warden, she is put on trial for a far more serious sentence. Now Deniz will have to adapt to this new life in prison; finding a way to cope with the realities of being separated from her daughter and the old life she used to lead. With unexpected twists and turns on top of the heartbreak, humor and divided loyalties of prison life – the series promises high stakes and edge-of-your-seat viewing as the characters attempt to survive on the inside.

In Turkish | Subtitled Version: English

2018 | 2 seasons


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