Meteorology has made enormous progress in recent decades, and to deliver the most accurate weather forecasts, scientists are continually sending up new satellites, developing ever-more sophisticated computerized models, taking more and more measurements. Today, 24-hour forecasts are 95% reliable and 3-day forecasts are 80% reliable. Weather reports are part of our daily lives, and even if the weather is one of the most popular and frequently watched television programs, the field is entirely unknown to the public. 

How do scientists predict the weather and, each year, improve their predictions? How do they help us to avoid disasters?

 From Japanese snowfall to the deserts of Namibia, from Central American hurricanes to Mediterranean storms, aboard the researcher’s boats or aircrafts, or inside the satellites launching stations this documentary provides a unique immersion into the biggest weather study missions currently in progress with additional cutting edge 3D modeling and graphic sequences.

In French | Dubbed in English



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