Naagin in its first season is a story of love and revenge revolving around the life of Shivanya – an Ichchadhaari Naagin, who witnesses her parents being murdered when they are rendered powerless on a full moon night. Shivanya vows to go to any extent to avenge the death of her parents. In a bid to get closer to the murderers, Shivanya marries Ritik (the son of the murderers), who falls hopelessly in love with her. The Naagin is now torn between her thirst for revenge and her growing attraction towards Ritik. In the second season, the legacy of Naagin continues with Shivanya’s daughter, Shivangi. While Shivanya tries hard to keep her daughter away from her real identity, it will not be long before destiny catches up with Shivangi. In a strange twist of fate, Shivangi falls in love with Rocky, who is the adopted son of Shivanya’s arch nemesis Yamini. Watch how Shivangi defies the evil forces to protect the Naagmani (precious stone) as well as her own life.

In Hindi | Dubbed Versions: English, Spanish



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