Sissi the charming young Empress of Austria, is a historical figures that has struck the public’s imagination. Elizabeth, called Sissi by all, lives happily in the charming Possi castle in Bavaria. She loves her family as well as animals and is a free and rebellious spirit. It all starts on the day that her sister, Nene, is convened by the Emperor’s mother, to become the bride of his son Franz, but instead Franz falls in love with Sissi at first sight. So begins one of the most romantic love stories of all time. The story is a mix of adventure, love and intrigue intertwined with magic and mystery once Sissi finds a magic bracelet that takes her on exciting adventures to save her animal friends! But an aura of mystery surrounds the bracelet: someone wants to seize it!

Dubbed in English | Original Language: Italian |  Dubbed Versions: Spanish, Portuguese

2017 | 3 seasons


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