It is the summer of 2014 in Israel. Three Jewish boys disappear from the face of the earth, launching a nerve-wrecking search followed closely by an entire country. Simon, a brilliant investigator of the secret service’s exclusive “Jewish Unit”, that fights Jewish terrorism, warns his superiors that if the boys have been murdered, the fervor of hopes and prayers washing over the country will lead to an outbreak of unprecedented violence. After two and a half weeks, the bodies of the three Jewish teenagers are found in a field by Hebron, after being abducted and murdered by Palestinian terrorists. The day after the boys’ funeral, in the woods surrounding Jerusalem, police find the burned body of an Arab youth from Eastern Jerusalem: 16.5 year old Muhammad Abu Khdeir. The two events, possibly linked to each other, create a tense atmosphere in the country that quickly escalates to riots on both sides, and Simon is caught between them. He believes that Muhammad was murdered by Jewish extremists, and if true, it will have ignite an explosive barrel of violence. His investigation is run down by his superiors and people that are close to him, that urge him to pursue the route of a murder in the family, and not Jewish terrorism. But the further the investigation proceeds, Simon discovers, to his dismay that a Jewish family is indeed involved.

In Hebrew and Arabic | Subtitled Version: English



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