Tudor Caragea has been a widow for over 11 years and had never thought of changing his life or remarrying. He is raising his two children, Ana and Petru, in peace and quiet with the help of his relatives and employees. Mara, Tudor’s great love and wife, who died shortly after Petru’s birth, left her children in the care of Helene, the French teacher, and made it clear to Tudor that she would make a good mother for her children. Many years ago, Tudor took in his nephew Alex to live with them after he loses his parents in a car accident. While visiting his wife’s grave, Tudor encounters the young and beautiful Sonia, who had recently lost her father and is also spending a lot of time beside his grave. The suffering and lack of love in their lives brings them together and soon after Tudor falls deeply in love with her asks her to marry him. Sonia, eager to revenge her mother, whom she considers guilty of the death of her father, accepts and becomes Mrs. Caragea but she soon realizes that a stepmother’s life is not simple. But what she will have to fight even harder are her growing feelings for Alex, Tudor’s nephew – a charming playboy, who would soon fall in love with his uncle’s wife. This forbidden love affair will change everyone’s life forever. Sonia, although respecting Tudor, can not keep away from Alex and their love threatens to demolish the Caragea family.

In Romanian



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