Zeynep is a young woman who has a fear of intimacy due to her being abandoned. When Zeynep was abandoned by her mother Gonul at the age of five, she was adopted by rich woman Cahide. Her real mother Gonul killed Zeynep’s father when Zeynep was a child and she was sentenced to prison. After graduating from college, Zeynep wanted to be a photographer with a bird migration-tracking group of a university. As bureaucracy holds her back with this plan, she agrees to take another job as a teacher while waiting. Although she dislikes the position due to her cold and distant nature, she meets little Melek in the class, who will change her life forever.

In Turkish | Dubbed Version: Spanish | Subtitled Version: English

Excluded Countries: Macedonia, Iraq, Endonosia, Greece, Uruguay, Bosnia, Romania, Mexico, Croatia, Iran, Afghanistan, Chile, Georgia



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