This is a poignant love story about Pankti who has been sold by her own mother to be a mistress to a wealthy man Pran. However, every victim has a savior and for Pankti, it is Ahaan, Pran’s own nephew, who frees Pankti from the clutches of his uncle. Ahaan’s love for Pankti is so great and pure that he sacrifices his own career as a singer, to push Pankti ahead into establishing herself as a singer. He becomes her manager and revolves his entire life around Pankti. Pankti’s mother for her own selfish reasons convinces Pankti that Ahaan has destroyed his entire career for her. Pankti is filled with guilt and sorrow and decides to go back to Pran to be his mistress again. Will their love withstand destiny? Will they be able to fight the devious intentions of their family?

In Hindi | Dubbed Version in English



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