This television adaptation of the well-known classic novel by Johanna Spyrl from 1880 is reinterpreted with a modern touch filled with comedy and music. Heidi, the charming and friendly girl, moves from her rural home to the big city. In this retelling however, there is no reference to places and events, allowing a timeless feel to the series. Instead the show focuses on the characters and their unique traits: their quirky outfits, passions and fears, or their everyday problems. What will happen when Heidi discovers that she has a great talent for singing? And what will come out from the friendships between Heidi and Clara, a girl who suffers from agoraphobia but turns out to be an extraordinary musician? Alongside the original protagonists. including Heidi’s grandfather and Miss Rottermier, there will be lovable, whacky new characters who invite us to share their thrilling, crazy adventures.

In Spanish | Subtitled in English



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