“Gulperi” is an ongoing production that tells a narrative similar to the stories of the many women who live in this region. After her father’s oppression forces Gulperi to abandon her dreams of becoming a teacher, she finds love and happiness when she meets Eyup. In spite of his family’s dismay, Eyup marries Gulperi and they have three beautiful children: Can, and two twins, Hasan and Bedriye. They lead a happy life until Eyup unexpectedly dies on a business trip in Syria. Even though they disapprove of Gulperi, Eyup’s family pressures her to live in the family mansion with them for the sake of the children.  Here, Gulperi fends off unwanted sexual advances from Ejder, Eyup’s brother. She stabs him during the attempted rape and she is sentenced to 1.5 years in prison.  Once she’s no longer behind bars, Gulperi’s biggest challenge will be to win back the love of her children while adapting to society as an ex-con. But is it too little too late for Gulperi?

In Turkish | Subtitled Version: First Episode only in English



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