Passion – it’s among our strongest emotions. It can bind two hearts together in profound love… But other times it becomes so all-consuming it leads seemingly ordinary people to commit terrible, criminal acts. Each pulse-pounding, hour-long episode of “Fatal Attraction” recounts an incredible and dangerous romance. Each episode opens with a shocking crime, then the story spins us back. We meet our main characters before they meet each other. We come to understand their personalities and see what drives them. Then, we see the ‘true love’ that draws them together. But in these cases, true love doesn’t end with silver anniversaries – instead it leads to cross-country manhunts, bizarre cover-ups and dramatic trials. Driven by powerful, real-life stories, “Fatal Attraction” weaves together intimate, first-person interviews, evocative cinematography, exclusive interrogation footage and rare archival material. Along the way, it gives the viewer a glimpse into the dark heart of a dangerous romance. “Fatal Attraction” – because love doesn’t just hurt. It can kill.

In English

2013-2019 | 9 seasons


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