When Luyani, a macho talent agent, Luan, a failed dotcom star entrepreneur, Mandla, an unemployed sociologist with radical nihilist ideas and George, a virgin programmer with very little social skills, got to a pub quiz, they unexpectedly win a free trip to Serbia. All four come to Serbia and experience a lot of comic incidences. Luan, Luyani and George meet African girl visitors, and fall in love with them while Mandla falls in love with a Serbian girl, Katarina, who works in an NGO which supports orphan children. Lindiwe teaches Luan lessons in life and manages to secure a significant funding from a Venture capital fund in Serbia for his new start up. Luyani learns humility as Amalhe, rejects his advances. Minhele teaches Raj how to relax with women. Katarina teaches Mandla to reject his anger and to look for the beauty and joy in life. All the guys except Mandla return to South Africa as different improved men. The story revolves around, all the four friends, their strong friendship, fun, finding love and learning what life is all about.

In English



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