Two warring wives. One missing body. And a man fighting for his love! A story of everyday people who get caught up in a power play between two widows, Madam Francesca and Aunty Beatrice, who are fighting over their husband properties. A fight that takes the characters on an interesting ride as they try to find a missing body. Joe (Chris Attoh) is a broke troubled man who is struggling to change his ways and better his fortunes after finding love in Abena (Adomaa). Zuri (Sika Osei), a daring and energetic young lady who is a hunted by an unfortunate event in her past, who is bent on making things right between her and her father. And then there’s Elizabeth (Kande Talata Awudu), a caring wife committed to her marriage regardless of the tedious task of having to deal with a clingy and needy husband who is confined to a wheelchair even as she compelled to enforce the plans of Madam Francesca, who seems too sophisticated to want to get her own hands dirty.

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