Love, lack of love, envy and betrayal are the ingredients of the new soap opera Mariana and Scarlett, the story of two sisters that without knowing fall in love with the same man. Mariana and Scarlett are two middle class women and beautiful fighters that are determined to succeed. But that’s where the similarities end. While Mariana is serious, sweet, calm and she wants to do everything the right way, Scarlett is funny, naughty, aggressive and she wants to do everything the easy way. Mariana’s desire is to set up her own dressmaking workshop and design her own clothes while Scarlett’s desire is to be a worldwide famous model. In their path towards fulfilling their dreams, they both will meet Roberto White, a millionaire who owns a textile factory and whose marriage is broken. While he gets the divorce, he will date both sisters, but under two different identities. With Scarlett he will be Roberto, a millionaire businessman, while with Mariana he will be Boby, a security agency employee.

Dubbed in French | Original Language: Spanish | Subtitled in English



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